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Musicians nightmares — KION Online cinema
To attract the attention of young people, the online cinema KION published a series of 4 horror films on YouTube and social media. networks based on the real fears of famous musicians:

Tale of the deaf
Boy is dead
Last track
over 30,000,000 organic views
more than 15,000 comments
96% positive ratings
vimeo staff pick
short of the week
adcr gold
webby award honoree
worldfest-houston international film festival
vancouver independent film festival
uk seasonal short film festival
holywood short film festival
aesthetica short film festival

An article that does not exist — Team against torture
The Team against Torture is a Russian human rights organization that is engaged in public investigation of cases of torture.

There is no separate article on torture in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but there are thousands of victims of torture. To draw attention to the problem, together with the popular artist Vladi, we filmed the video “An article that does not exist”.
over 2,300,000 views.
more than 6500 mentions in social networks and media
more than 100 million - total project coverage
Effie awards
Red apple
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Frenchman — KION online cinema
KION is an online cinema with unique line of in-house productions. In order to attract the attention of film lovers, we decided to play with common movie clichés using the recognisable and very atmospheric style of French Nouvelle Vague.
over 3,000,000 views on YouTube
over 96% positive ratings
One Show
Epica awards

Police cartoons — Team against torture
According to statistics, 3 of 4 people who complain about torture in Russia are denied a criminal case. The main reason for the refusal is the fictitious, absurd testimony of police officers, in which they explain the appearance of injuries in victims by absurd accidents.
over 1,300,000 views.
more than 5500 mentions in social networks and media
Cannes lions shortlist
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